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Why Are Views on Disability Skewed by the Media?

The many issues and aspects surrounding the lives of people with disabilities of a wide range is an interesting subject that can produce a wide array of different views.

It often creates a curiosity in people as to how others live their lives with physical or mental handicaps that those without them seem to lack an appreciation of.

So do the media skew these views that are held by people on certain disabilities?

Personal Views on Disability

Well, many people have their own personal views on disability (see: https://handicap.intervalinc.com for more details) that are created through the way they perceive the types of limitations that certain people have to live with. A large number of people do not even come into contact with people with disabilities and create their own views from what they see on TV or in movies and this can lead to biased perceptions generated by the makers of the TV show or movie that these people are watching.

In this case then, it is important for the writers, producers and makers of movies or TV shows to be as factual and impartial as possible to create the correct view that will be transferred to the viewer. When things are done correctly, they can be really life-like and believable for an audience that can be made up from all kinds of folks from all walks of life.

Not All As it Seems

Sadly, this is not so often the case and a biased view is often portrayed that will skew the way a viewer then sees the person with the disability. Real life is really the only way to view real life situations and television or film can subtly or even directly alter a viewpoint to suit the writer or producer and may not be in keeping with the real world situation.

It’s a pity that not all that you watch on TV of the big screen is all that it seems. Often the portrayal is a long way from the actual truth composed of a mixture of the writer’s poetic licence, personal opinion and an attempt to pander to public opinion so as not to obviously offend anyone.

The solution is to keep an open mind and not be influenced by other people’s opinions, no matter where they come from. If you think you can do that and still produce something that’s factual, realistic and watchable all at the same time, you’re doing great.

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